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BayKids Studios Film Festival at LucasFilm a Hit!

On Sunday, June 2nd, more than a hundred family members and supporters gathered at LucasFilm’s Permier Theater in San Francisco to celebrate the work of our young filmmakers.  With the assistance of our marvelous partners [...]

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BayKids Studios Co-Hosts Creative Arts Festival

On March 15th, UC Davis Children’s Hospital and BayKids Studios co-hosted their annual Creative Arts Festival at the Mind Institute in Sacramento.  More than two dozen children received awards for their achievements in fine art, [...]

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Lucas Films hosts BayKids families for Workshop on Virtual Reality and Film

On December 4th, the wonderful folks at Lucas Films and SF Film hosted BayKids families and other Bay Area youth for an exciting workshop on virtual reality and film.  A number of creative Lucas talents [...]

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