Fall is Here!


It’s time for an update from us here at Baykids, it’s been a long time!

While most hospitals and their offsite partners are still closed to volunteers and outside vendors, others have allowed us to keep working with patients. The kids are still not allowed to have visitors from siblings, let alone friends. For children who spend months at end in a hospital, that can be quite challenging. On top of that, all playrooms and teen lounges are still closed for patients, but the Child Life Specialists and Creative Arts team members have worked very hard to make the circumstances work.

In March, we hosted our Covid safe annual Creative Arts Festival in a drive-in theater and it was a huge success! We created a really beautiful art gallery video to showcase the artwork and screened all the amazing films the patients had worked on.

And if you need another pick me up, enjoy the cuteness overload in Mister Cheese’s Cooking Show! If you would like to support us, please donate any amount you can, every dollar is greatly appreciated in our donate jar below.

So long and stay safe,

Mimi Rauschendorf
Executive Director


Alex shows you the way around a commercial kitchen. He is so very young but he sure understands entertainment! Hard to resist his charm, I dare you.