Happy Summer From Us At Baykids Studios

Dear Baykids friends,
I sure hope that this summer holds something special for you in place, if it is not a trip, maybe it’s a day at the beach or a lake, a hike or simply sitting in the warm sun for a little bit. Or just going out for some ice cream.

I also really wished that I could tell you that hospitals have opened up again, but they are still in very strict pandemic mode. UC Davis Children’s Hospital recently opened their playroom for the patients. Some restrictions and limited group activities, but at least some children get to leave their room and see something else.

We have been super busy making the most amazing films recently, from suspenseful thrillers and murder mysteries to facility dog videos. Check out our YouTube channel! And the attached music video from Alexie, who worked hard to overcome her shyness and sang and danced to her favorite song. And then she named the video “Leukemia is Ridiculous”. And rest assured, you will be able to spell that word after watching.

If you have a minute to support us, we are always grateful for any amount you can spare. You can fill the jar below or text BAYKIDS to 707070.

So long, reach out, stay safe,

Mimi 💙