Filmmkaing During Covid19

Dear Friends of Baykids,

It’s been way too long since you heard from us! Like everyone else, we have started adjusting to new guidelines, figuring out how we can make films with all the kids out there who still have to go into the hospital with non-Covid diagnoses. Facetime has been a valuable tool in reconnecting with young filmmakers. Trey even worked remotely with a patient whose family moved back to Hungary after treatment at UCSF. Way to bridge an ocean.

Thanks to the Creative Arts Team at UC Davis Children’s, we started working with patients remotely and they were so kind and helpful in facilitating and even filming for us! After the initial adjustment phase we were able again to pick up work at UC Davis Children’s Hospital ourselves and it has been awesome seeing patients again and creating that magic that we are all craving.

Once a year, we have our fabulous Film Festival where we celebrate all filmmakers in person for each location we work in. We still want to celebrate our talented artists but obviously it will have to look a little different this year.
We are in the midst of planning online film festivals for multiple partnering sites and I believe it will be fabulous! No date set yet, but we will keep you posted and hope that you will join us.

And lastly, we will soon surprise you with a new website design, this is a project I am super excited about since it will be fresh, colorful and a great place to be for young filmmakers. Stay tuned!

Thank you for being a part of our Baykids family and I wish you lots of health and hope for an easier future.

Mimi Rauschendorf