Cinematic Arts for Hospitalized Children

Baykids studios brings filmmaking programs to kids with serious illnesses to improve their morale, self-confidence, and sense of hope.

In Hospital Filmmaking

BayKids’ clinically trained professional filmmakers bring cutting-edge digital filmmaking equipment into the hospital to help kids make movies. Kids develop story ideas, write scripts, create props and sets, learn animation, act, and direct films. We honor and nurture each child’s unique vision. Some kids are driven to explore their illness, others want to have fun creating a fictional story, while others want to make a movie to help other kids going through illnesses. Our program is tailored to the unique needs and desires of each child.

Outpatient Filmmaking

Our Outpatient Filmmaking program brings the In-Hospital program into the homes of children with serious illnesses who do not need to be in the hospital. Our professional filmmakers work with children one-on-one to help them develop and film their movie. Often our teams work with children over many sessions to help them make in-depth, longer form films.

Remote Filmmaking

In uncertain times when we cannot always meet each other, young filmmakers have the opportunity to make movies in online sessions.




Why filmmaking? Through filmmaking children learn they are so much more than their illness. As they develop their stories, design props and sets, and become actors and directors, they gain a sense of purpose and optimism. They learn that their story matters. And this helps them cope with their illness.


Professional filmmakers mentor and inspire young storytellers in creative sessions and workshops.


We celebrate our kids’ courage and creativity with the greater community through film screenings, in Oscar-like film festivals, and online.

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