The new year is in full swing but we would like to use this opportunity to wish all of you a very healthy and happy new year for this young decade! We think it is never too late for good wishes. Stay creative and let us know if we can help you.

In the past year, we have once again produced colorful art animations, music videos, showcased facility dogs, powerful documentaries and lots of green screen videos with our very talented patients.

And so much more.
We are honored to have the opportunity to work with such talented children and assist them in making the coolest films.

Our biggest change? Glad you asked. Mark Barmore, our amazing ED has retired! We wish him well and thank him profoundly for his dedication these past years. Mark. you will be missed!

In his place is now Mimi Rauschendorf, Baykids’ Senior Video Producer for many, many years. She knows the Baykids world really well and is a little sad to stop her work in the hospitals but also super excited to embrace the new role.